Keeping Buddha Paintings at Home or Office brings lots of positive energy

Keeping Buddha Paintings at Home or Office brings lots of positive energy

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Posted On: 24 Nov, 19

We always want our personal as well as professional lives full of positivity and we strive hard to achieve the same. Apart from taking sincere effort on the personal front, you also need to ensure that there is a thrust of positive energy in your home and office.


One way to bring the needed peace, prosperity, and wealth in your life is through the placement of Buddha Paintings at relevant places in your home & office. For many centuries, Lord Buddha paintings have been considered a symbol of luck & positivity. You do not have to be a Buddhist to have paintings of Buddha in your home or office.


The reason why Buddha paintings are very popular is that they increase the inflow of Chi and keep the negative energy at bay. Chi which is a form of energy is omnipresent. This principle is unanimous irrespective of whether you follow Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra. The practice of having Buddha paintings has been followed by Buddhists and Hindus for many centuries as the paintings exude positive energy and bring a sense of peace to your home & office.


When you are at home, you want to have a relaxed mind and keep the tensions at bay. When you are at the office, you want to have a relaxed mind so that you can carry forward the daily activities involved in running your business. In both situations, you intend to have a relaxed mindset and Buddha paintings are known to bring positivity to your home & office. Even people who do not have much belief in Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra agree to the fact that negative energy can cause havoc in personal & professional lives.


The question is ‘Which is the ideal location for keeping Buddha paintings so that it adheres to all the principles of Vastu for house or Vastu for office’? This is also applicable for believers of Feng Shui as in both cases; you intend to reap the benefits of positive energy inside the home or office.


Below are some of the dos that you should follow when placing Buddha paintings inside your home or office:

1. The living room is the place where you spend the maximum amount of time with your family and friends. Guests arriving at your house will be seated in the living room. Having a Buddha painting in the living room can create a positive ambiance in the room. However, the Buddha Painting should face the front door else the painting would only look like a show-piece and not increase the inflow of Chi in the house.

2. Placing a Buddha painting in front of the main door of your home or office also ensures that there is repulsion of negative energy and attraction of positive energy.

3. When placing a Buddha painting inside your home or office, you should make sure that you place the painting at a certain height (minimum 2.5 feet) as it signifies that you are showing respect to Buddha. It also helps in increasing the inflow of Chi in your home or office.

4. Every office will have a reception desk and you want positivity to flow-in before someone enters your office. Having a Buddha Painting in the reception area of your office brings an unprecedented amount of prosperity and positivity to your business.

5. Every parent wants his/her kid to be successful in life. Placing a Buddha painting on the study desk or area where the kid frequently does homework adds positive energy in your child’s life and helps him/her to achieve excellence in studies. This, in turn, boosts your child’s confidence and the result can eventually be seen in his/her performance in exams.

6. Whether you are a solo-preneur or own a big business, you should have at least one Buddha painting close to the office desk. This helps in scenarios when you are going through stress and helps in attracting positive energy that reduces stress and improves your overall thought process, even in the tensest situations.

7. In this fast-paced life, most of us perform Yoga to keep our minds de-stressed and free from negativity. When performing Yoga, you should have a Buddha painting at eye-level or a bit higher so that you can take positive energy from it when you are looking at the painting.


When purchasing Buddha Paintings, you should do a thorough check about the quality and originality of the painting. Visiting an art gallery to look for the best Buddha painting may turn out to be a futile exercise as you would not get many options. Adroitart is one such online destination where you can purchase the best & original Buddha paintings from renowned and upcoming artists from across India. The paintings are also certified for their authenticity and originality.


Chi is a vital component in our lives hence, Buddha paintings are a must for home or office since all of us need peace, wealth, and prosperity in our lives!


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