Having Radha Krishna Painting in your Bedroom brings love & happiness in a relationship

Having Radha Krishna Painting in your Bedroom brings love & happiness in a relationship

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Posted On: 14 Dec, 19

Some positive life-changing events bring a lot of joy and ecstasy to our lives. Though the event might differ from person to person, some occasions like securing the first job, purchasing own house, getting married to the person whom you love, etc. still hold a special place in the person’s hearts.


For a few important decisions, we tend to seek advice and feedback from our near & dear ones. It gives a multi-dimensional view which helps in zeroing on a decision. When buying a new house, the majority of us look for suggestions from friends and family members.


Whether you have belief in Vastu Shastra or not; you still look at the direction of the bedrooms, drawing rooms, etc. before purchasing a new house. Once you shift to the house, you would like to have items that ooze positivity and bring more prosperity to your life. You ensure that fancy as well as necessary items like show-pieces, paintings, etc. are kept in the right place adhering to the directions.


Whether you are single, married, or in a relationship; one room that is decorated with a lot of personalization is the bedroom. You ensure that the bed-room has the right mix of lighting and decorative items so that you feel at ease inside the bed-room. The right type of paintings and idols bring a lot of positive energy in the room. When you are in a relationship, you want your relationship to blossom like a flower with each passing dayJ. Even though you are single & waiting for your Mr./Mrs. Right, you still positivity inside the bed-room.


Many people opt for Ganesha paintings, RadhaKrishna Paintings in the bed-room, etc. since each type of painting has its relevance. RadhaKrishna Paintings are very common in the bed-room since Radha and Krishna shared a special bonding of eternal love and togetherness. Even a single Radha Krishna Painting can bring positivity in your thoughts and behavior as it creates an aura of peace and love. When you are in love, you want to spend the best moments with your partner with utmost peace & happiness and Radha Krishna paintings can provide that dimension in your life!


Krishna took birth around 500 years back in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. He had a special charm and anyone who had hatred towards him would also become his devotee. We all have heard a lot of stories about Krishna joyfully stealing Makhan (butter) and playing with his friends/gopis. However, the thing that stands out about Krishna is the bond that he shared with Radha.


RadhaKrishna paintings are special since their relationship is considered very pious and special. According to Hindu mythology, Krishna is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Radha is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Their story of love & togetherness is beautifully depicted in many wall paintings. Like ups & downs in life, the love-story of Radha and Krishna also had moments of separation due to which their love story was short-lived. Millions of Radha Krishna paintings are sold every year. The city of Vrindavan where Lord Krishna was born and where the eternal love story between Radha & Krishna was ignited witnesses millions of devotees each year. The truth is that Radha and Krishna never married each other but their love & faith in each other was very pious & eternal.


Like Radha and Krishna, couples who are deeply in love also go through their moments of happiness, love, tension, etc. Hence, it is recommended to have at least one painting of Radha Krishna in the bed-room since it brings the much-needed positivity to light up your love life!


It is not auspicious to have paintings of other deities in the bed-room as those paintings do not have a lasting impact on your personal life whereas having RadhaKrishna paintings can enhance the love you have for your partner. Even if you are single, you should still have a Radha Krishna painting in the bed-room since it helps to find the right life-partner. Apart from the bed-room, Vastu experts also suggest having RadhaKrishna paintings on the wall opposite to the entrance of the main room as it keeps the tensions away from your life.


While selecting the Radha Krishna paintings for the bed-room, you should choose the right size of the painting. These paintings are created on handmade paper, rice paper, etc. hence, choose the one that suits the size of the room. You should also have a detailed look at the color combination of the paintings as well the lighting conditions in the bed-room so that the Radha Krishna painting does not look off-place.


Whether you are single, married, or in a relationship; remember to have at least one Radha Krishna painting in the bed-room so that your life navigates through the right path as far as ‘emotions and love’ is concerned.


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