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Explore wide range of Paintings, especially crafted for Schools & Colleges by emerging and Top Indian Artists at AdroitArt. We have a stunning collection of Animal, Ganesha & Nature Paintings for Schools. Choose the best from collection of 25,000+ original paintings created by artist from India & other countries.


Paintings for Schools listed on AdroitArt are created by our verified artists. These are 100% hand-painted & made on various surfaces like Canvas, Paper etc.

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Beautiful Waterfall

Beautiful Nature 2

Beautiful Nature


Abstract Paintings 8.3x11.7in

$ 92

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Nomads on the road

Mount kailash

Landscape Paintings 20x15.5in

$ 232

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Bird in the morning

Valley of Flowers

Abstract Paintings 12x16in

$ 1,288

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steam train in fo...

The Blue Sea

Varanasi Ghat

Trees Park & Lake

Wildlife Paintings 30x20in

$ 681

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Morning Light in ...


Abstract Paintings 36x43in

$ 1,693

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Figurative Paintings 30x36in

$ 1,472

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True event capture

Wildlife Paintings 16x20in

$ 1,178

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sun and moon dood...


$ 39

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The Deer Couple i...

Wildlife Paintings 12x16in

$ 120

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The Gangster Squad


Swar Lahri

Figurative Paintings 36x36 in

$ 1,472

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Abstract Paintings 22x22in

$ 571

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Religious Paintings 36x30in

$ 1,288

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Little girl with ...

Flower Paintings 35x24in

$ 810

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Elephant in Forest

Wildlife Paintings 32x20in

$ 828

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Ramana Maharishi ...

Buddha Paintings 24x24in

$ 810

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Buddha - The enli...

Buddha Paintings 17x22in

$ 442

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Lord Ganesha

Buddha Enlightenm...

Buddha Paintings 30x40in

$ 1,840

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Landscape Paintin...

Peacock size - 2...

Wildlife Paintings 26x30in

$ 862

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Ganesha painting ...

Buddha painting ...

Buddha Paintings 20x28in

$ 111

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Floral Beauty siz...

Ganesha child wit...

Flower Paintings 16x20in

$ 240

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Religious Paintings 17.8x24in

$ 552

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Spirituality siz...

Abstract Paintings 36x30in

$ 597

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Gulmohar size - 1...

Flower Paintings 12x12in

$ 111

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Wondrous Beauty s...

Abstract Paintings 48x48in

$ 3,809

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Buddha sitting wi...

Buddha Paintings 24x36in

$ 3,018

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Horse running for...


$ 663

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Ganesha size - 30...

shri ganesha size...

ganesha 22 size -...

Religious Paintings 36x36in

$ 1,288

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The Childhood xxi...

Figurative Paintings 36x36in

$ 1,491

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Ganesha size - 10...


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